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Which is Official Website?

Namskar Devotee,

There are so many legitimate pujari such Pathak Guruji, Prayag Guruji, Lasane Guruji, Bhope Poojari, Kadam Patil Priest whose duty is to serve your offering to devi tulja bhavani.

These upadhye poojari or bhope are doing their Seva/service from past generations. This means their grandfathers, great grandfathers also did the same seva to lord Devi in the temple, and upcoming generations will follow the same too.No new person outside community is allowed to become a priest here.

One of poojari is Lasane Guruji. There are 8 familys of Lasane resides here in Tuljapur.You can follow their official facebook website account at facebook.com/LasaneGuruji to get timely happenings in Tuljabhavani Temple

The official temple trust maintains its own website located at shrituljabhavani.org . we request you to follow these website too for online donations.

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