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tuljapur vip darshan online booking

tuljapur vip darshan online booking

Namaste Devotee,

Right now, due to Covid19 health crisis, all the darshan facility is on hold at Tulja Bhavani Temple. Only daily routine is practiced by priests here in Tuljapur. Let us discuss the darshan booking.

When you come here in Tuljapur to visit Tuljabhavani temple for seeking blessings from Tuljabhavani. follow the steps

1) Go to Dharmik Karyalaya located beside to Raje Shahaji Mahadwar (Entry Door of Temple)

2) Go to Darshan Pass window

3) They will ask you whether you want Free Darshan Pass or Paid VIP Darshan facility

4) If you opt for VIP Darshan booking, then you will have to pay predefined charges to them

4) Give them your details such as name, age, mobile, etc

5) They will capture your biometric such as photo and thumb stamp

6) At the end, they will handover you a pass.

7) Now enter the temple and show that pass to security guard, he will allow you inside as soon he verify authenticity of pass.



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