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How to do Online Sinhasan Booking

Follow the steps for booking online sinhasan pooja to be performed at Shri Tulja Bhavani temple, tuljapur

 1) Go to https://www.shrituljabhavani.org/TuljapurOd.aspx website

 2) choose the sinhsan pooja choice [ Dahi Sinhasan / Shrikhanda Sinhasan] 

3) Select the date and time of pooja 

4) If it is available [ Green] , it will allow give you a form to be filled up. 

5) Enter the name, city, aadhar number and persons coming along with you. 

6) Upload one photo identity card of person. 

7) Click on next and pay the charges via payment gateway 8) You will receive confirmation once payment processed successfully.

This post was published on 01-03-2020 at tuljabhavani.in and tagged under sinhasan pooja, tuljabhavani pooja

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