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Priest Upadhye Poojari Tulja Bhavani


There are different priest from different communities to serve their community needs. Unlike many other temples, the main priests (pujaris) of the temple are from a Bhope clan. There are 16 head priests who take turns at officiating. The assistant priests are called Pujari. Previously Brahmins had authority over rites and rituals at the temple.There are, however, some Brahmin priest families associated with the temple who serve the needs of the Brahmin and other communities. The priests of two other temples,Matangi and Adimaya, in the temple complex belong to other community.

Some of priest upadhye pujari surnames are Kadam, Patil, Parmeshwar, Sonji, Rochkari, Shinde, Lasane, Prayag, Ambulge, Kamble etc . Pujari aka Bhope Poojari performs pooja in temple. Some of pooja vidhi performed in temple are abhishek pooja, ooti pooja, aarti, padya pooja, gondhal vidhi, sinhasan mahapooja. Tulja bhavani temple located in Tuljapur (MH). Tulja Bhavani temple has fort like structure. Inside the temple idol of devi shri tuljabhavani is situated on sinhasan.

The Goddess is kuldevi (clan goddess) for Maratha clans of Maharashtra.The Goddess is either revered by or is the Family Deity for many castes including Dhangar,Mali, Deshastha Brahmin, Bharbhunja, Burud, Kolhati, Gavli, Jogi, Johar, Sutar, San Teli, Gavandi, Pangul, Sonar, Lonari, Kasar, Bhute, Kalar and Koli.



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