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Common Questions and Answers about Tulja Bhavani

Who is Amba Bhavani?

Amba Bhawani is one of the in carnation of lord shri parvati. In another words we can say Goddess of Power, justice, Motherhood and Emotions.


What is dharma darshan at tuljapur?

There are two types of Darshan queue in Tulja bhavani Temple, One is called Dharma Darshan where devotee can take darshan of Tulja bhavani idol from 2 feet where as another Mukha darshan where darshan can be taken from 10 feet. Among these two, Dharma darshan of Tulja Bhavani is closest one.


Who built Tulja Bhavani?

The temple was built in c. 12th century CE. Aai Tulja Bhavani (also known as Tulaja, Turaja, Tvarita, Ambā and Jagadambā).The temple has hemadpanthi architecture and have fort- like structure around main temple.


What is the story of Tulja Bhavani?

Anubhuti, wife of rishi kardam was tortured by demon Kukur, So during that time she asked for help to Parvati and she came early (In sanskrit called Twarita) so it becomes Tulja Bhavani and stays here Yamunachal mountain (Now Tuljapur)


Who destroyed Tulja Bhavani?

In the battle that ensued, Bhavani Mata killed Mahishasura. The temple now stands where the head of the demon is believed to have fallen. This rare chala moorti, or 'moving idol', is not fixed at one place. Afzal Khan, Shivaji's enemy, once attacked the temple. But Priest hide the idol so it is believed that no harm is done during strike by Afzal Khan.


How can I go to tuljapur?

You can come Tuljapur via Car, BUS, Railway or Air Mode. There is public state transport station available in Tuljapur. The nearest railway stations are Solapur (SUR) and Osmanabad  The nearest fuctioning airport is PUNE from there you can take private taxi to reach Tuljapur.


How can I get tuljapur Darshan pass?

If you want to avail of the Free Tuljapur Darshan Pass then visit the official website. You will see an option called "Select Pass Type", you can then select the type of pass, for instance, "Free Darshan Pass". You will then be asked about the preferred date and time slot. Once done, you can select "Confirm" and all done. No need to pay extra charges for Darshan Pass. Another is VIP or PAID pass which can be given by paying extra money in form of donation to temple to avoid long rush.


How much time does it take for tuljapur Darshan?

It depends on which type of darshan you want to take. There are mainly two types of queue for darshan. Dharma and Mukha Darshan. Dharma darshan is 2 feet darshan facility from main idol where as Mukh darshan is 10 feet away darshan of idol. In ideal days , It can take 1-4 hrs for Darshan of Deity Shri Tulja Bhawani.


Did Goddess Bhavani gave sword to Shivaji?

Shivaji frequented the Tulja Bhavani temple in Tuljapur in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. It is the family deity of the Bhosale royal family and one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. It is believed that the Goddess gave him a sword for the success in his expeditions

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