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Tulja bhavani Abhishek Pooja

Namste Devotee,

We're uploading pic of today's shree Tulja bhavani Abhishek Pooja. Do get blessed :)

Info about Abhishek Pooja ->

Abhishek Pooja or Bhogi pooja is pooja vidhi performed on lord idol. During this vidhi, Idol is cleaned with water initially. Then mixture of Dahi (Curd) , Dudh (Milk), Limbu (Lemon), Madhu (Honey), Sakkar(Sugar) is used to clean the idol. Here substance Lemon is acts as natural cleaning soap. Then Priest pours water at the end of vidhi and murti/ idol is dried up with the help of smooth cloth. Then the priest wears sarees to the goddess. Typically 8 sarees used in alankar look. The bare idol is in standing position but after wearing alankar and sarees, she looks like a seated idol.

Then Aarti (Mangal Chanting) is performed. Hence end of abhishek pooja. Then holy naivaidyam of Puran Poli is offered to tulja bhavani.

Tulja bhavani Abhishek Pooja

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