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Is Tuljapur temple open or close Lockdown

** Update ** Starting from today [07/Oct/21], On the occasion of navratri festival, Tuljabhavani Temple is set to open for devotee after long time. Devotees can take darshan / visit temple by taking darshan epass . Thank You
Namaste Devotee, We have received thousands of mail for asking whether temple is open or not now-a-days. But we are sorry to say that tulja bhavani temple is closed for devotees until temple management and government take their decision. We have positive faith that after diwali 2021, Temple shall reopen for all its activities such as abhishek pooja and normal darshan vidhi. Thanks Admin

This post was published on 18-07-2021 at tuljabhavani.in and tagged under Is Tuljapur temple open or close Lockdown

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