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" Shri Kshetra Tuljapur, the one amongst three and half Shakti Peethas (abodes of cosmic powers) of the state, is situated in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, wherein resides Goddess Tulja Bhavani. She is also described as the impressive and formidable Goddess in Hindu Puranas, who is known to combat demons and evil forces and maintain the moral order and righteousness in the universe.She is revered and worshipped all over India as Ambabai, Jagadamba, Tukai, Bhagwati, Durga, and Tulja Bhavani by her devotees who throng in millions to Tuljapur for her Darshan and for seeking her divine blessings.TuljaBhavani is also worshipped as the Family Deity (Kuldaivat), not only in Maharashtra, but in innumerable families of India, from Himalayas to Kanyakumari. In Maharashtra, TuljaBhavani worship is of great antiquity and many royal houses and their nobles have been her devotees. She is the family Deity ( Kuldaivat) of the great Bhonsla dynasty , whose most celebrated progeny was Great Shivaji, the founder of Hindavi Swarajya. It was Tuljabhavani who gifted the Bhavani sword to Shivaji to vanquish his opponents in the battlefield."


1) How to Sinhasan Pooja Booking Online?

Now temple accepts booking of sinhasan pooja through online medium. We've uploaded detailed info about sinhasan pooja booking at link. By following the instruction you can make sinhasan online booking for dahi as well as shrikhand sinhasan pooja.

2) Is there any VIP / Paid Darshan Booking?

As of now, temple is not allowing any kind of paid , vip or also free darshan booking via online. The only way is to head the temple office and get paid / vip / free passes of darshan. For paid darshan passes, you will have to pay defined charges along with your biometric verification

3) Is there facility for tulja bhavani pooja or vrute upasana at home?

You can do jaap of tuljabhavani mantra(e.g. Sarva Mangal Mangalye) to your home. The recitation of tulja bhavani mahatmya at home also useful. You can also offer pooja services to tuljabhavani via ePrasad section. you will get prasad of your pooja via postal or courier medium

4) How can I take Live Darshan ?

Live darshan facility is provided by temple's official website. You can also take it by going to Live Darshan section.

5) Which is best time to visit tulja bhavani temple?

Generally there is lot of rush during Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and public holidays. We suggest you to avoid these days. Days beside these are best to visit and enjoy blissness and peace in temple. You can also plan for nearby places such as Akkalkot, Pandharpur and Yermala.

6) Which are important days, festivals of devi Tuljabhavani?

Tuesday, Friday, Durgastami and Pournima are considered as most auspecious days of shri bhavani. Navratri festival has great significance in Temple. Every year it is celebrated in Ashwin month. Lots of devotees visits during this period to seek blessings from Mata Tuljabhawani. Another navratri festival is shakambari navratri which is celebrated in Poush month.

7) Which are pooja, rituals performed in Tuljabhavani Temple?

Abhishek pooja, Puran Poli Naivedyam, Ooti Pooja, Sinhasan Pooja, Wedding ceremony, Saptashati Path, Gondhal Pooja, Haldi Kumkum Sada part of Kuldharma Kulachar are some of pooja can be performed in Tulja Bhavani Temple with the help of your bhope pujari or upadhye.You can opt for online pooja, which can be booked from your home.

7) From Where can download tulja bhawani wallpapers, videos?

We regularly update photos, videos and other media to our website as well as our facebook, instagram and youtube handle. From there you can download tulja bhavani wallpapers, stotra mantra videos and daily darshan of tuljabhavani murti. So visit our social media for original hq pics, hd images.

8) What is tulja bhawani temple timing?

On regular days, tulja bhavani devasthan temple opens at 5 AM early in morning.Abhishek Pooja vidhi starts from 6 AM to 11 AM then Naivaidyam is offered to Goddess and idol is available for darshan until second term of pooja starts at 6 PM to 9 PM and at night around 10 PM mandir main door (Mahadwar) is set for close.On special occasions, devasthan opens at timing of 1 AM

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Prashant Jamdar rated 5/5
5 months ago
(Translated by Google) Sashtang Dandwat, Namaskar 🌹🙏 (Original) Sashtang Dandwat, Namaskar 🌹🙏
Kiran Kalwankar HDFC Bank rated 5/5
5 months ago
Nice road good BJP
Snehal Tavadare rated 5/5
2 months ago
Prachi Gade rated 5/5
5 months ago
(Translated by Google) The temple is very beautiful .... But there is a lot of professionalism, you have to pay money to go to the goddess's feet ... only to get a free face. (Original) मंदिर खुपचं सुंदर आहे.... परंतु खुपचं व्यावसायिकता चाललेली आहे, देवीच्या पायथ्याशी जाऊन दर्शन घेण्यासाठी पैसे मोजावे लागतात... मोफत मध्ये फक्त मुखदर्शन मिळू शकेल..
A K YouTuber rated 4/5
3 years ago
Very good temple but cleaning is not better

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